F-Secure Launches F-Secure RADAR Advanced Security Scanning and Management Solution

F-Secure today announced the availability of F-Secure RADAR in Malaysia. This powerful and scalable vulnerability management solution allows easy control and management of IT security risks. F-Secure RADAR integrates web scanning engines with a sophisticated platform to help in detecting and managing thousands of vulnerabilities across all system and network assets.

Paired with a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based vulnerability management and reporting platform, F-Secure RADAR allows for fast network host discovery and port scanning, scanning for publicly known vulnerabilities, a scanner for web applications and more. The Security Centre enable users to manage their assets and the identified vulnerabilities, generate reports and assign tickets for remediation.

According to Gartner, 75% of attacks occur on the application layer, irrespective of where the threat comes from, such as system misconfigurations, defective software or insecure passwords. Discovering and eliminating such vulnerabilities in time requires constant scanning and ruthless control. Vulnerability scanning and management service help enterprises identify and remediate vulnerabilities in any platform or web application.

“Security is at its most critical before attackers attempt a breach. By fixing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, companies will be able to provide a formidable deterrent. F-Secure RADAR detects weaknesses and threats immediately thereby boosting network and application security and ensuring regulatory compliance,” said Samu Konttinen, President and CEO, F-Secure Group.

By providing unparalleled central reporting and in-depth analysis improve overall security management, F-Secure RADAR works in tandem across the entire network. It maps the security of all assets, monitors the security and vulnerabilities, provides customized reporting, improves constantly and runs vulnerability scans from a secure cloud based SaaS or as an on-site solution behind your corporate firewall.

Furthermore, F-Secure Radar Managed Services helps companies to get the most from their vulnerability scanning and management solution. It provides best practices in terms of vulnerability management that is driven by experience F-Secure consultants. Vulnerability management handled by experts will exponentially benefit businesses who can then concentrate on their core competencies.

“F-Secure RADAR offers robust, always up-to-date scanning engines and an intuitive management dashboard. It offers outsourced management of your F-Secure Radar Security Centre and its scans, vulnerability management handled by experts with direct contact to your system owners and regular reports targeting your IT team and stakeholders,” said Konttinen.

Benefits of F-Secure RADAR

Get the big picture: Map all system assets for a complete security overview. No system is too big— F-Secure Radar scales as you grow.

Streamlined security management: Monitor vulnerabilities efficiently with automated, scheduled scans. Assign, manage and track all security issues in coordination with system administrators, developers, auditors and more.

Customized reporting made simple: Customize and automate standardized reports for all audiences in a variety of formats.

Continuous improvement: F-Secure Radar is automatically updated, improved, and ready for seamless third party integration through F-Secure Radar API.

F-Secure Radar your way: Run vulnerability scans from a secure cloud-based SaaS or as an on-site solution behind your corporate firewall.

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